Now, there is no panacea for creating a great website. However, if you stick to these 7 principles when creating your next blog, e-commerce website, portfolio, or business website, you will find that creating a good website is easier than you think.

You Must have:

  • A clear purpose-make sure you know what your website is for, and most importantly, not for
  • Clear audience-Determine the target audience for your website.
    Do you know what your audience is like?
    What do they enjoy?
    Do it for work?
    How old are they?
    What other websites do they use?
    All this information and more are essential to building the best website.
  • Straightforward navigation-is it easy to determine how to browse the site?
  • The right style-your website should be unique while still attractive to your users
  • High-quality images-if your images are not good, your website will not look good
  • Correct font-make sure your font matches the general style and is legible
  • The right words-your website looks great, but if there is no meaningful word, the design is irrelevant
  • Fast page speed-your visitors (and Google) need fast speed to maintain their engagement
  • Smart point of sale-if you want to convert illegally, you will need a good call-to-action strategy
  • The mobile first mentality-the future is here, most of the content is consumed on smartphones
  • Trust signal-ordinary website visitors need to trust you and your brand to move forward in your channel
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